29 March 2007

ERAGON - Entretien avec Patrick Doyle par Christine Blanc

Dans l'empire d'Alagaësia, où le peuple vit dans l'ombre de la tyrannie du roi Galbatorix, Eragon, un jeune fermier découvre qu'il est le prochain "dragonnier", digne représentant d'une lignée de guerriers légendaires qui a toujours fait régner la justice dans le royaume. Avec sa dragonne Saphira, et guidé par son mentor Brom, Eragon va devoir affronter les bataillons terribles du roi. Le destin de l'Empire est entre ses mains...
Nos vaillants héros seront dignement accompagnés le long de leur périple par le valeureux compositeur, Patrick DOYLE qui a su donner une ampleur et une profondeur à cette amitié sans pareil.

Patrick Doyle, may you tell me about your training?
I studied at the Royal Scottish Academy.

Do you have any mentor?
I have no mentors other than the great composers and the wonderful world of art that currently surrounds us.

How did you come on ERAGON?
The opportunity of writing the score for Eragon was kindly offered to me by the director Stephan Fangmeier.

Why did you accept to do this film?
This was a fantastic project to be involved with, it is a terrific story and the writer is a very gifted young man.

How much time did you have to compose your score for ERAGON?
I spent many months composing the score for Eragon, liasing with the director, producers and members of the music team.

Who and why choose the London Symphony Orchestra? You often use British orchestra, why?
I love working with the London Symphony Orchestra, they create a fantastic sound and work extraordinarily well as a team of musicians although.

Did you use some electronic sounds in your score or was it all live?
I did use some electronic drum and ethnic instrument sounds.

What about your orchestration work? How did you work with James Shearman and Geoff Alexander?
I love working with orchestrator James Shearman, with whom I have worked for many years. He is a very talented man and a great friend. Similarly, Geoff is an extremely gifted orchestrator and I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with him on this project.

How did you work, and with what request from the crew ?
I worked closely with the director and producers. There was a temp score comprised mainly of my music.

For you what are the roles of music in Eragon?
The role of music within Eragon is to enhance the drama and high action.

How would you describe your music for the film?
May you tell me about the main theme you used?
The main Eragon theme is sweeping and heroic, yet there is another theme for Durza which is dark and foreboding for obvious reasons. Violins are the backbone of an orchestra and that is why they are so prevalent.

What did this experience on Eragon brought you
- personally?
- as a composer?
Eragon brought me great fun and the chance to work with a great orchestra and a fantastic team. I take each new project as it comes and am always open to new ideas. The whole experience was thoroughly enjoyable.

May you tell me about Maggie Rodford? How did you work with her?
And your work with Lucy Evans the assistant score coordinator?

I have worked with Maggie Rodford and Lucy Evans for many years. They are both colleagues and friends and I rely on them very much to help coordinate both my life and my work.

What is your relationship with France, French Movies, French Music…?
I love the French, I love France and I love spending time at my house there. Pars Vite et Reveins Tard opened to terrific reviews and a great audience response in France. Regis Wargnier is a fantastic person to work with and I am thankful that he has become a very close family friend.

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